“I’ve always had a love for law enforcement, the K-9 has always had a special place for me,” he said.

When Carswell was 13, he started his own non-profit foundation, 1 Boy 4 Change. as a means to help others and support his local law enforcement.  His donations and the foundation have been used for law enforcement everywhere.

He has raised thousands of dollars to purchase and install more than 50 heat alarms for K-9 officers across the nation. Three of them are currently being used by the Camden County Sheriffs Office.

“The heat alarms donated by Chris has saved three dogs on 7 different occasions,” Sergeant Rob Avedisian said.  The Sheriff’s office is touched by this young man’s actions.

The heat alarms are installed inside the police vehicles.  If the K-9 vehicle reaches a certain temperature, the officers are immediately notified.  The windows automatically come down, a fan turns on and the cars theft alarms sounds off.

“Every single one of our dogs has its own heat alarms and now because of his foundation has its own medical kit too. Think of it like EMS bag for humans well this is a EMS kit for dogs,” Avedisian said.

Chris lives the mission of his foundation everyday.  As a young man who struggles with life challenging medical complications, he wishes to bring less hardship and more comfort to those that serve to protect us- the K-9 units.

To donate to Chris’ foundation visit http://www.1boy4change.org