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New leadership comes to AllOnGeorgia-Glynn

Great news for AllOnGeorgia in Glynn County as we kick off the 2nd quarter of 2017!

As we head into the second quarter of 2017, AllOnGeorgia is making moves locally to improve the quality of the content provided to our readers while ensuring the overall purpose remains at the forefront.

The AllOnGeorgia team is pleased to announced that AllOnGeorgia – Glynn has a new face for editorial oversight – Georgia native and Glynn County resident Myra Braswell. Myra was in negotiations with AllOnGeorgia to launch another county based on her desire to build up the community around her when the opportunity arose with Glynn county.

Myra Braswell is a graduate of South University with a degree in Business Administration. She is a Certified Dementia Practitioner, and Registered Behavioral Therapist with a specialty license in Geriatric behaviors and cognition.  Myra is the owner of BrainWaves Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy Services and is also a state Nursing Home Dementia Trainer for Second Wind Dreams, a grant funded program through the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services.

Myra is the recipient of the Georgia Star Volunteer Award for her volunteer efforts impacting and enhancing the quality of life for senior adults in southeast Georgia.  She proudly serves on the Board of Directors for the Dallas, Texas based top non-profit, “For Love & Art.”

Myra is already a published writer of short stories as well as devotional and inspirational works. She and her husband, Tim, have four children and five grandchildren.

AllOnGeorgia is confident in the direction Myra will take the Glynn branch of our network.

You may be wondering why you’ve seen a few negative social media posts about AllOnGeorgia in Glynn County.

Last fall, Dan Zynda, who operates under the alias “Danno,” contacted AllOnGeorgia about partnering. Zynda had his own social media network where he shared articles from other news outlets which seemed like a good fit coupled with AllOnGeorgia’s diverse and original content. After signing a content production quota contract, Mr. Zynda went M.I.A.. After repeated attempts to contact Mr. Zynda during a 30-day period with no content production and no advertising sales from the inception of the market, Mr. Zynda had access removed from the site under the presumption that he quit. Mr. Zynda never terminated any agreements with AllOnGeorgia and refused to talk with AllOnGeorgia leadership.

Mr. Zynda has unfortunately taken the path of destruction by using his social media outlet to denigrate AllOnGeorgia because he “worked for free” and “was lied to,” among other things. Mr. Zynda is omitting the fact that he waived the right to sign an advertising agreement for compensation. AllOnGeorgia markets work much like a franchise – you build your own enterprise. Worse, Mr. Zynda publicly questioned whether or not AllOnGeorgia even has the readership it claims simply because he was unable to see back end details and statistics of the site. It is now clear that the decision to block him from these details was the correct one.

We have a diverse workforce here at AllOnGeorgia but there is a common theme that you are responsible for your own success. It is the belief of AllOnGeorgia that our contractual obligations were met and Mr. Zynda is a disgruntled ex-employee, who failed to meet his.

To keep in line with the AllOnGeorgia mission, we felt it best to offer the entire story to our readers.

It is always unfortunate when companies experience growing pains, which can sometimes mean a reduction in team members, but we assure our readers that this transition will be smooth and news will go uninterrupted. Onward and upward!

AllOnGeorgia is an online news organization operating in 39 counties around the state. You can learn about other AllOnGeorgia markets by visiting our home webpage. 



  1. Avatar


    April 4, 2017 at 11:55 am

    This site still isn’t any good with or without new leadership. Justs garbage and advertising.

  2. Avatar


    April 4, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    Poor guy. Now takin to The comments section to complain too
    No more man. You out Danno

  3. Avatar


    April 4, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    This is a good move. My experience with the guy has not been good. Looking forward to seeing what the new lady has to offer.
    Already published is even better.

  4. Avatar

    Myra Braswell, Market Manager

    April 4, 2017 at 10:10 pm

    I look forward to serving Glynn County responsibly and hope to offer a place for the community to share matters of interest for all our citizens. Serving others provides much personal satisfaction and joy. This is your paper Glynn County; a place for you to have a voice and be represented. Please feel free to reach out to me with content ideas, community interest stories, area events, or local chatter on people, politics, or play. Let’s grow Glynn together!

    • Avatar

      Jessica Szilagyi

      April 5, 2017 at 12:21 am

      You rock, Myra!

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