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Georgia Family and Children Services worker fired for identity theft

Glynn Co. DFCS worker charges with ID Theft.

An investigative report by News4Jax revealed that a Georgia’s Department of Family and Children Services worker was fired after an ID theft investigation by the Office of Inspector General.  The worker, James McQueen used a foster family’s personal information to apply for loans.  
The Brunswick foster parents told reporters that they became victims of identity theft and suspected the Georgia child services system.  A month before the red flags were raised that their identity was stolen, Erika Giddens contacted the agency headquarters regarding an emergency situation they were having with one of their foster children.
A few weeks later, they received a phone call from an Atlanta number from someone posing as a Brunswick police officer.  He began to ask questions regarding where they live, and other personal questions.  A short time after, the couple received denial letters from credit companies in the mail.
They believe that Georgia’s child services system was to blame and the Glynn County District Attorney’s Office told the News4Jax I-TEAM that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is still reviewing the case for possible criminal charges against McQueen.

According to the Office of Inspector General Investigation report, McQueen put his agency-issued cell phone number on credit applications and “accessed personal information regarding agency clients… and then later used that information in an attempt to commit identity theft and financial fraud…”

Although the Giddens said they are not “millionaires” and are unclear why they were targeted, the report shows that DFCS acted swiftly in its review, suspending and then firing McQueen.  It also stated the evidence against him was “overwhelming.”  including the facts that McQueen used his agency-issued cellphone to call 13 financial institutions, and then used his personal cell to call the Giddens.

State investigators who questioned McQueen stated: “His only explanation is that his own identity was stolen, that some unknown person or persons are ‘out to get me; and someone hacked his personal and work devices (personal phone, agency-issued cell phone and agency-issued laptop) even though admittedly none of those items were ever out of his direct custody or control.”

The Giddens who spent time and money getting their certifications to foster children in Glynn County are now feeling violated and vulnerable since the incident.  Their identities and their trust were stolen and the road ahead will be difficult to protect their identities further.

Carrie Magalski is the Media and Public Relations Contact for All on Georgia- Glynn County. A speaker and the author of "Heaven's Angels" book, her inspiring articles, writings and radio interviews are featured in various multi-media venues. Her leadership roles encompasses higher education, broadcast communications, business, and corporate trainings through Coastal Pines Technical College. She is a seasoned professional with excellent relationship building skills and creates and enhances strategic growth through partnerships with community, corporate and governmental agencies through various multimedia modalities. She is the owner of Immersion Enterprises, LLC- which provides corporate trainings, PR and marketing, as well as ecotourism and experiential education services through Turtle Tides Amelia. Carrie serves on the Board of Directors of Back in His Arms Again, a ministry that helps families suffering from infant loss.



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    August 1, 2018 at 11:13 pm

    Innocent until proven guilty

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      Ha ha ha

      November 14, 2018 at 5:24 pm

      He was fired so yeah, he was guilty.

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    Ha ha

    November 14, 2018 at 5:26 pm

    That a-hole is far from innocent.

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