U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) recently commented on President Trump’s proposal to fund border security and resolve the partial government funding situation:

“President Trump again spoke directly to the American people about the national security crisis at our southern border. The President has listened to both sides and is still willing to compromise. All members of Congress should take this proposal seriously. However, some Senate Democrats’ rejection of the proposal before even hearing the details underscores how desperately they want to keep making immigration a political issue rather than working toward a real bipartisan solution that could reopen the government.”

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  1. Such Democrat obstruction & intransigence is moving many voters to favor Term Limits…
    Best way for that to happen would take an Article-V constitutional amendment to limit terms….

  2. Build thenwall.

    Congress should be at work serving the best interest of the people not out eating breakfast for the media or out kissing up for a presidential run. Politic on your own time.

  3. Time to get millennial and think outside the box.

    Summer will soon be upon us and hundreds of NG, Army & Navy Reserve units will be going Active Duty for 2 weeks training.

    Why not divert all Engineering units to build the wall. Deploy one or two Active Duty Engineer units to serve as cadre (i.e. trainers) and get the wall built over the summer.

    Since the training is mandated by law, and training funds have already been appropriated Pres Trump doesn’t need anything else from Congress, he has the authority as Commander in Chief and the money in already approved training funds.


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