Following a series of accusations related to the race for House District 28, The Secretary of State’s Investigations Division is continuing to pursue an ongoing investigation into potential instances of voter fraud.

“Eliminating voter fraud is essential to strengthening the integrity of Georgia’s elections, which is why I am committed to fighting against crimes that undermine our most fundamental instructions and sow doubt in our communities,” said Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. “Voter fraud has no place in Georgia’s elections, and my office will exhaust every avenue to investigate instances of abuse and prevent further injustice.”

Superior Court Judge David Sweat has ordered a second redo election in response to evidence of voter fraud in the recent election for House District 28 conducted on December 4, 2018.

“Preventing electoral fraud is central to the mission of the Secretary of State’s office, and our investigators will continue their important work in guaranteeing free and fair elections for all of Georgia’s communities,” said Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs. “We look forward to a conclusive result for the voters of House District 28 and will assist in providing support to local elections officials as required.”

The election to select the representative from House District 28 will not be set until a date is ordered by Judge Sweat.

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  1. In Georgia, Democrat Stacey Abrams tried every dirty trick in the book to get her loss overturned against Republican Brian Kemp. Luckily, that was not possible since Kemp had so many votes that even the cheating could not overcome. Stacy Abrams is a magician…after 2018 voting was officially over, Abrams had thousands of ballots – all demoncrat votes of course , magically appear! WHY ISN’T ABRAMS & HER MINIONS IN JAIL? WHAT ABOUT PROSECUTING THIS FRAUD ATTY. GEN. CHRIS CARR?

  2. You are a total idiot. Kris Kobach tried to defend crazy in court and good not do so. Abrams is not in jail because LETS ALL USE CAPS NOW. SHE UH DID NOTHING WRONG. I cannot wait for this case to continue with real facts and not just emotion. You see in a court of law you cannot just YELL and say no wrong doing. There are hundreds of eye witness testimony Stacy can call up in a trial. In addition there is new news about blacks missing the number two place on the ballot something like 130K but only black people who voted in person. If you voted absentee you voted for the number two person. Stats don’t lie and that is why there will be a trial because of something called evidence. If you don’t believe me ask Kris Kobach. Yelling “voter fraud” and more stringent voter ID’s does not work in a courtroom with yes lets all yell now …NO EVIDENCE.


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