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Hidden Predator Bill passes Georgia House

The Georgia House of Representatives unanimously passed House Bill 605, the Hidden Predator Act, sponsored by State Representative Jason Spencer (R-Woodbine), by a vote of 170 – 0 on Wednesday.

The bill updates the Hidden Predator Act of 2015 and the bill’s language would hold negligent or grossly negligent individuals or entities who conceal child abuse accountable.

The updates to the Hidden Predator Act extends following:

  • The statute of limitations from age 23 to age 38.
  • Increases the age of discovery for victims who discover psychological and emotional problems as a result of child sexual abuse from two years to four years.
  • Creates a one-year period for anyone who was time-barred from filing a civil action for injuries resulting from childhood sexual abuse due to the expiration of the statute of limitations to file actions against an entity negligent or grossly negligent in such abuse.

“This measure would bring our state’s laws in line with science and what real-world experience has taught us about childhood sexual abuse,” said Rep. Spencer. “Oftentimes, the effects of childhood sexual abuse are latent, and these changes seek to acknowledge that the impacts of such abuse can lie dormant long after abuse. HB 605 would provide child sex abuse victims a pathway to justice.”

The bill moves to the Senate for action. To read the bill, please click here

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