Picture Credit - TeamDuncan Republican Candidate for Lt. Gov. of Georgia, Geoff Duncan

This is a press release from the Office of Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan. Duncan was sworn into office in January 2019.

Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan announced his support for an effort to term limit the Office of Lt. Governor to two consecutive four-year terms. Senator Greg Dolezal (R – 27) will carry a proposed Constitutional Amendment which – if passed by a two-thirds majority in the House and Senate – will allow Georgians to vote on whether the Lt. Governor should be term limited.

“The Office of Lt. Governor is no place for academic tenure,” said Duncan. “Individuals elected to this office should focus solely on serving Georgians, and no Lt. Governor should consider this post a permanent home.”

If approved during the next session of the General Assembly, the ballot question would be put before voters during the 2020 general election.

“I firmly believe that the Office of Lt. Governor should be term limited like the Office of Governor.”

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