Attorney General Chris Carr joined with 16 other states this week in filing an amicus brief in the United States Supreme Court supporting Second Amendment rights in a case involving New York City’s restrictions on handguns kept for self-defense.

“The Second Amendment gives law abiding citizens the right not only to keep, but also to bear, arms,” said Attorney General Chris Carr. “We will continue to stand up and fight attempts to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens.”

New York City requires a costly and restrictive “premises permit” to own a personal handgun for self-defense. The U.S Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit upheld the permit’s heavy restrictions, which prohibit taking the weapon outside the home for any purpose other than to practice at a New York City shooting range, and also prohibit leaving the city or state with the weapon.

The 17-state coalition urges the Supreme Court to review the case to provide clear guidance on the scope of the Second Amendment and specifically to confirm that the fundamental right of self-defense that the Amendment protects is not just limited to the home. The brief argues that while city and state governments have interests in public safety and crime prevention, New York City offered no evidence that demonstrated its restrictions actually enhance public safety or prevent crime. If anything, the City’s restrictive scheme does the opposite by arbitrarily limiting gun owners’ ability to become proficient with their own weapons, requiring thousands of people to buy additional weapons, and causing thousands of weapons to be left in unoccupied houses. The brief also supports a Commerce Clause challenge to the City’s restrictions, pointing out the significant economic impact of hunting and shooting sports.

Georgia joined the brief along with the attorneys general of Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wisconsin, and the governors of Mississippi and Kentucky.

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  1. All these Attorneys General and Governors are to be commended for their loyalty and compassion. I being a life long NYC resident AND long time firearms owner, I know first hand about what is mentioned here in this article. And what do I truly believe to be fiction and non fiction with all this ? Well, the term “Public Safety”is so abused by the anti-gunners (so called law makers), it ain’t funny. And this is a National problem, if not a worldly problem. The concentration of firearm prohibitionist in any large city is staggering, we all know this.
    Just as America is exceptional, so are the firearm owners who exist here. It has nothing to do with “Public Safety”. This meaningless term is just one of many pulled out of the anti-gunners (so called law makers) deep hat of tricks. Am I the only one seeing a pattern here ? Want to hear another……”assault weapon”. How about….”Ban” You know….the big, bad “Ban”. How about WE “Ban” the anti-gunners (so called law makers) ?
    I have the biggest meaningless term for you, are you ready ? “The Police keep us safe”! Then explain to me why so many citizens continue to be injured, and killed if “the Police keep us safe” ? And believe me, I have nothing against the Police.
    What I am saying is simple. Cut the crap, restore our God Given Rights, and allow the GOOD citizens the chance to PROTECT THEMSELVES, FOR ALL OF AMERICA. Why ? Because it is a proven fact that they only can.
    In closing…..Thank God, and Goodness, Donald Trump is OUR President. Trump 2020 !


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