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Abrams’ camp fires back on Kemp’s claim she sidestepped a sex trafficking vote

Sex trafficking vote, or lack thereof, gives GOP a chance to expose Stacey Abrams’ voting record.

The Georgia gubernatorial race is heating up and GOP candidate Brian Kemp has used Stacey Abrams’ voting record against her concerning the vote, or lack thereof, on an anti-sex-trafficking bill.

The Kemp campaign sent out information concerning Abrams’ decision not to vote on HB 341, an anti-sex trafficking bill.  The goal of that bill was to strengthen the prosecution of persons soliciting others to engage in sex trafficking and sexual acts related to sex trafficking.

Before the bill was passed in the 2017 session, if someone paid for sexual services from someone over 18 who they know to be a victim of human trafficking, that person was to be charged with misdemeanor pandering – that specific charge could bring fines and prison time of up to one year.

Now, the law states that one could face up to 20 years in prison and receive a felony charge. The new law impacts those who knowingly pay for sex from an adult who is being coerced into prostitution or from an adult who is developmentally disabled.

In 2017, the House passed HB 341 with a vote 169-0, with Abrams not voting.

voting record on HB 341 in 2017.

In a press release sent out on Monday, Kemp’s campaign stated the following:

“Stacey Abrams is a radical, career politician who coddles criminals, protects sex offenders, and attacks our men and women in uniform,” said Cody Hall, Press Secretary.  “In the General Assembly, Abrams literally walked on a bi-partisan bill to end sex trafficking. Georgia has the sixth highest number of sex trafficking cases in the nation, but when it came time to punish those who buy and sell our children, Stacey Abrams put her extreme agenda first and was nowhere to be found. 

“When it comes to ending sex trafficking, crushing gangs, and punishing criminals, Brian Kemp will put our families ahead of politics. He will always show up and do the right thing. As governor, Brian Kemp will put hardworking Georgians – and our safety – first.”

Out of the 50 states, Georgia ranks in as number six with human trafficking cases reported. In 2017, Georgia had 3,186 sex trafficking cases that were reported according to the National Human Trafficking Hotline – the 6th highest of cases in the country.

The Abrams campaign responded to the Kemp’s campaign attack on her voting record of HB 341:

“Brian Kemp’s desperate campaign is attempting to distract from the fact that he allowed massage therapists accused of assault to keep their licenses, endangering Georgians in the process. While Kemp continues to hide from his record, Stacey Abrams remains the only candidate in this race with a trusted, proven track record of working closely with survivors of assault and fighting against legislative efforts that undermine justice for survivors,” said campaign spokeswoman Priyanka Mantha.

In 2016, Abrams spoke to groups associated with International Human Trafficking Institute, a program of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta concerning how to combat sex trafficking.

In 2011, Abrams also supported a Republican-sponsored bill that toughens the penalty for sex traffickers and improves outcomes for victims has cleared another hurdle.

Most of the current polling averages have the Georgia governor’s race tied, giving the Republican, Kemp, the slight edge.

Abrams and Kemp are scheduled to have a televised debate with the Atlanta Press Club on GPB is October 23 and it will be broadcast statewide. WSB-TV in Atlanta will host the second debate on November 4.


Jeremy Spencer grew up in rural South Georgia and has served as a healthcare provider, high school science teacher, school administrator, and state education official. Jeremy is currently the market and content manager for All on Georgia-Camden and Glynn Counties. Jeremy’s focus is local news, statewide education issues, and statewide political commentary for the All on Georgia News Network. Jeremy has served as an education policy analyst for local legislators and state education leaders as well as a campaign strategist for local and statewide political campaigns. Jeremy holds degrees in science and education from the University of Georgia, Piedmont College, and Valdosta State University. Jeremy has lived in Camden County for over 17 years.



  1. C B

    September 15, 2018 at 7:33 am

    I notice neither Priyanka Mantha nor Stacy Abrams actually denied Kemp’s claim, nor did either explain why Ms Kemp did not vote on the issue. Instead, merely slung mud back. So, why exactly did Abrams not vote on the issue?

    • Bill Smith

      October 8, 2018 at 9:29 pm

      Kemp doesn’t bother to point out that SEVEN people did not vote on this bill; two of which were Price and Ralston and they weren’t excused either. Kemp just puts out the outrage tidbit and by the looks of it you bit hard. Select use of facts is the same as lying. Are you going to vote for a liar?

      • Jessica Szilagyi

        October 8, 2018 at 9:37 pm

        Bill Smith, the Speaker never votes on any bill. His role is to run the House, not to cast a vote. Look at every bill voted on in the last several years…there is a dash next to his name on all of them.

  2. Will Allen

    September 17, 2018 at 7:38 am

    Abrams didn’t vote on the bill likely because it was idiotic, did nothing to solve any actual real crime, and likely caused more problems that ever existed in the first place. The criminal regime of Georgia has no moral authority, skills, or business trying to control anything regarding to $EX. Most things that they do regarding that are like Kemp does – to pander for votes. His voting is controlled by how it can be used in later political campaigns.

    People should not vote for Brian “big government” Kemp because apparently he loves Nanny Big Government (NBG). I expect that he loves NBG’s $EX Offender Registries and loves pretending that they do something useful. For Kemp, there is no such thing as government that is too big, has too many laws, or spends too much money.

    Kemp will apparently continue the NBG “$EX offender” witch hunt as well. Directly contrary to what Kemp claims, Stacey Abrams was exactly right to vote “against tougher restrictions on sex offenders”. Because they were pure anti-factual, anti-American, useless, counterproductive idiocy.

    Firstly, there are literally zero informed, intelligent people who are unaware that the “$EX offender restrictions” that Brian Kemp loves are not needed or useful. Zero. Experts never supported them and never will. The laws are not needed, they don’t protect anyone, they cause grave harm to society overall, and they are counterproductive as well. Pure, through and through, idiotic social policy. Which is probably why Brian “big government” Kemp loves them.

    Secondly, if Brian Kemp thinks it is actually useful to have “$EX offender restrictions” then why did he not propose to have the same restrictions for people who have SHOT CHILDREN WITH GUNS?! Why does Brian Kemp want people who have SHOT CHILDREN WITH GUNS to live near schools and parks? Why does Brian Kemp want people who have SHOT CHILDREN WITH GUNS to be in schools and parks? I think the answer is so that they can get better shots.

    I’m sorry, but big government people like Brian Kemp have less than no credibility with their “$EX offender” witch hunt. If any of their lies were true, we would’ve create 100+ other national, public, lifetime Registries well over a decade ago. No Gun Offender Registry?!!! Not even conceivable. So don’t believe their lies.

    Stop the NBG witch hunt. Shrink big government. Vote against Brian “big government” Kemp. We need real Americans as leaders, not hate mongers who will brainlessly attack hated groups.

  3. John Ray

    October 20, 2018 at 8:47 am

    Politics as usual with no questions answered. People discredit themselves with their political rhetoric. If you disagree, you are a liar. It’s not that simple for those of us who constantly search for the facts, then we vote. We are not stupid.

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