“Expanding the parks’ boundaries and preserving their history is a top priority for Georgians.”

U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) applauded Senate passage of the Natural Resources Management Act, which includes provisions to expand and preserve the Ocmulgee National Monument in Macon, Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park in Kennesaw, and Fort Frederica National Monument in Saint Simons:

“Ocmulgee National Monument, Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park, and Fort Frederica National Monument are some of Georgia’s most treasured historical sites,” said Senator Perdue. “Expanding the parks’ boundaries and preserving their history is a top priority for many Georgians and will help boost tourism in our state. I’m hopeful the House will get this bill across the finish line and to President Trump’s desk soon.”


The Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park Boundary Revision Act expands the current Ocmulgee National Monument from 702 acres to approximately 2,800 acres and changes its name to “Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park.” The legislation also authorizes a resources study to evaluate potential future park expansions, which would further protect vulnerable land and allow visitors more opportunities for recreational activities.

The Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park Boundary Adjustment Act expands Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park to include historic Wallis House and Harriston Hill.

The Fort Frederica National Monument Boundary Expansion Act increases the cap on the park’s size from 250 acres to 305 acres.

Information from the Office of Senator David Perdue

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