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Georgia ID cards will get a new and secure look

Georgia’s Department of Driver Services (DDS) looks to get a smoother capture and enrollment process along with a secure polycarbonate driver’s license for enhanced identity protection.

Georgia’s Department of Driver Services (DDS) will be getting a smoother looks driver’s licenses and enrollment process.

The new cards will be made of secure polycarbonate driver’s license for enhanced identity protection. Polycarbonate cards are so rigid they sound like a compact disc when dropped. The cards have extra layers fused together which looks to make it impossible to swap documents or destroy photos.

Polycarbonate cards are unique in supporting highly fraud-resistant level-one security features; that is to say those visible to the naked eye.

Gemalto a world leader in digital security, has a comprehensive contract with Georgia. The central issuance of the credentials will take place at a newly expanded Gemalto facility in Georgia, strategically located to take advantage of faster delivery times and to bolster the economy through the creation of local jobs.

Gemalto will also achieve an advanced enrollment system including photo and signature capture as well as new payment terminals. The all-in-one point of sale and payment terminals enable a combination of a signature pad and payment receipt, speeding up transactions and simplifying the process for a smoother and faster customer experience.

Polycarbonate’s durability increases the longevity of the driver’s license and enables the high-security engraving of a black-and-white photo. Georgia has also chosen to add Multiple Laser Images (MLIs), a level one security feature (visible to the naked eye) where different images such as a portrait, logo, symbol or numbers can be seen depending on the viewing angle, making the license extremely difficult to replicate. The symbolic Georgia peach will also be integrated into the design of the card.

“The State of Georgia is committed to upholding the best customer service experience possible while also protecting our citizens’ identities, and Gemalto’s innovative products and services are the best option to help us reach that goal,” Spencer R. Moore, Commissioner of Georgia DDS.




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