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Department of Driver Services (DDS) Commissioner Spencer R. Moore recently announced the receipt of a grant award of $50,988.97 from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) for continued support of the State of Georgia Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP). ADAP is a course designed to increase awareness among teens of the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol and the consequences of operating a motor vehicle while impaired or distracted.

“We are grateful for the continued support received from GOHS to address the risks associated with operating a motor vehicle while impaired,” said Commissioner Spencer R. Moore. “This particular funding will complement our efforts to provide effective alcohol and drug awareness programs for teens and their parents throughout the state.”

By law, teens under the age of 18 are required to complete ADAP to obtain their Class D Georgia driver’s license. In Fiscal Year 2018, 120,458 students completed ADAP either at their high school, as part of a driver training course, or online through eADAP. DDS also offers a free online ADAP component and non-certified 3-year MVR for parents.

This grant award will be used to fund an Operations Analyst who will provide technical assistance related to ADAP and eADAP services, assist teens with obtaining replacement certificates, respond to customer email inquiries, produce comprehensive reports and keep complete records of the program.

Previous grant funding was also used to increase outreach efforts; conduct statewide instructor training classes; and create an up-to-date, interactive, magazine-style ADAP manual.

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