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Insurance Commissioner’s Office Arrests Man for Insurance Fraud & Narcotics

The man is a licensed insurance agent who operates out of his home.

Investigators in the Fraud Division at the Department of Insurance arrested Fereadoon “Frank” Kalantari, 62, of Jonesboro, GA last week. Kalantari is a licensed insurance agent who operates out of his home in Henry County.

“This should serve as a reminder to those that feel they can take advantage of the elderly; insurance fraud is a very serious crime and will be treated as such,” said Insurance Commissioner Jim Beck. “When insurance fraud is committed against seniors, it not only robs them of their dignity, but also their peace of mind. This is why combatting insurance fraud remains one of my top priorities.”

Kalantari faces the following charges:
 4 Counts of Insurance Fraud
 8 Counts of Forgery in the 1st Degree
 2 Counts of Identity Fraud
 2 Counts of Exploitation of an Elderly Person
 3 Counts of Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act

Kalantari is accused of moving the funds of an elderly couple to purchase new annuities on which he received commission for each annuity purchased. To move said funds, Kalantari allegedly forged financial documents of the elderly Clayton County couple.

While executing the search and arrest warrants at Kalantari’s home on Thursday, investigators discovered suspected black-tar heroin, suspected cocaine, and a large quantity of suspected schedule 4 narcotics. Consequently, Kalantari’s wife, Afroz Motamed-Ardameh, 51, also was arrested and charged with 3 Counts of Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act.

Due to the extent of the actions of the accused, Georgia Department of Insurance Fraud Investigators suspect there may be more victims. If you have purchased any sort of insurance product or service with Fereadoon Kalantari and are concerned about annuity transfers that occurred without your authority, it is strongly recommended that you call the Department’s Fraud Unit at 404-232-1212.

The Clayton County District Attorney’s Office, Clayton County Sheriff’s Office, and the Henry County Police Department are assisting with this investigation.

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