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The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency has established a
new statewide re-entry system and certification process for essential response personnel seeking access to a restricted area following a disaster in Georgia.

“Quick re-entry of emergency response and essential personnel allows an affected area to begin the process of getting running again by ensuring access to necessary services,” said GEMA/HS Director Homer Bryson.

Under the new process for re-entry, permits will be issued by GEMA/HS and only for re-entry phases 2 and 3. Organizations, businesses, and non-profits wishing to seek re-entry access are now required to apply through the state, rather than local emergency management agencies.

Personnel entering a restricted area should be prepared to present a State of Georgia Disaster ReEntry Permit, employee credentials (marked vehicle, company badge, etc.), and a valid governmentissued identification card. Contractors are also required to present an employer authorization letter.

The re-entry phases that require permits under this new process are defined as:

  • Phase 2: Emergency Response and Life Safety Workforce Re-Entry; personnel conducting life safety operations in impacted areas.
  • Phase 3: Essential Public and Private Sector Personnel Re-Entry; primarily, individuals in the public and private sectors that can restore essential operations, services, and commerce in support of re-entry by the general public. These systems and networks include, but are not limited to: fuel and food distributors, non-emergency medical facilities (such as dialysis centers), pharmaceutical providers, members of the media, medical facility support staff, and local government essential workers.

During Phase 4, local residents, property owners, and business owners from the impacted area will be allowed re-entry. These individuals will need to be prepared to present a valid government-issued photo identification and proof of residency or ownership of a business in the area.

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