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Returning Tags From Tagged Fish Brings Rewards

Blue catfish tagged on the Satilla (DNR)

For the second year in a row, Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division (WRD) researchers are conducting a blue catfish tagging project on the Satilla River and need your help.

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Fisheries managers hope this study will allow them to learn more about this non-native species and better assess its impact.

“As a large non-native species in the Satilla River, blue catfish have the potential to negatively impact many of the existing native species in the river, including the prized redbreast sunfish. These tagging efforts will provide fishery managers with important data to better understand movement of the fish in the river; assess how quickly fish are growing; and yield some information on fishing mortality for the species,” said Jim Page, WRD Senior Fisheries Biologist. “In exchange for reporting tag information, anglers will be rewarded, so get out there and fish so you can have a chance to get some free swag!”

How do you know if you caught a tagged catfish? There will be an orange dart tag affixed to the fish. This tag has a unique number and a mailing address to return the tag.

How do you report a tagged catfish catch? First, make sure to keep the fish and remove the tag. Tags may be mailed (address listed on the tag) or reported via phone (912-285-6481). You will need to provide the following information (whether mailing the tag or reporting by phone): total length (in inches), weight (in pounds), your contact info (name, address, phone #), and information on the catch (e.g., GPS coordinates; nearby landmarks).

Reap rewards for reported or returned tags! Anglers that successfully report tag information will receive a custom hat and information about the tagged fish.

Want to know more about non-native aquatic species found in the Satilla River? Visit For more information on the Satilla blue catfish tagging study, call the Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division Fisheries Management Office (Waycross, GA) at 912-285-6481.

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