One of the nation’s top school choice advocacy organizations says the November midterm elections produced positive results for the cause.

The American Federation for Children works in states across the country to help secure additional, high-quality educational options for families. The group had some choice candidates in Georgia and the group now says the election season was a win for school choice.

The American Federation for Children released the following statement as election returns continue to be tallied in Georgia.

Statement from Tommy Schultz, National Communications Director for the American Federation for Children: 

“Once again, Georgia voters have shown that they prefer leaders who offer families diverse educational options so they can find the environment that fits their child’s unique needs. Tens of thousands of families in Georgia are benefitting from having their child in the school of their choice, and we’re hopeful to see those options expand further.” 


Geoff Duncan, who was one of the most vocal school choice supporters on the campaign trial, won decisively against Sarah Riggs Amico 56% to 44% in the race for Lieutenant Governor. 

Additionally, the American Federation for Children, through its in-state committees, supported numerous legislative office candidates who were victorious in Tuesday’s general election:

  • SD 9 – P.K. Martin – Incumbent
  • HD 7 – David Ralston – Incumbent
  • HD 35 – Ed Setzler – Incumbent
  • HD 46 – John Carson – Incumbent
  • HD 49 – Chuck Martin – Incumbent
  • HD 52 – Deborah Silcox – Incumbent
  • HD 117 – Houston Gaines – Challenger
  • HD 119 – Marcus Wiedower – Challenger
  • HD 138 – Mike Cheokas – Open Seat
  • HD 147 – Heath Clark – Incumbent
  • HD 151 – Gerald Greene – Incumbent


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