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The column below is by Ken Herron, a Republican activist in northwest Georgia.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Cannot Be Defeated In Her District. We Must Elect Enough Republicans in 2020 To Unseat Her

The oldest political party in the United States is the Democratic Party. In 1792
the followers of Thomas Jefferson added the name Republican to the party and it
was the Democratic-Republican Party. The party came into power in 1828 when
Andrew Jackson was elected President. It was the party of social conservatism while
supporting economic liberalism. The Whig Party was the opposition in the early
years. About the time of Abraham Lincoln, the conservatives split with the liberal
Democrats and chose to be called Republicans. The War Between the States was
really fought between the Republican and Democrat Parties. The Democrats were
in the South and the Republicans were primarily in the North. The Democrats
fought the war to defend their right to own slaves. The Republicans fought the war
to make the owning of slaves illegal. Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans won the
war and gave freedom to all of the slaves.

Although the slaves gained their freedom because of the Republicans, the
plantations simply allowed the slaves and their families to become tenant farmers
working for their former owners. There were no Republicans in the rural south so
the only political influence was still the Democrat Party. When the time came that
the former slaves began to try to get their voting rights, the Democrats formed the
Ku Klux Klan to frighten the former slaves and try to keep them from voting.
Eventually more and more of the former slaves began to vote. In the rural south,
there was no active Republican Party so the former slaves voted in the Democratic
primaries for Democratic candidates.

Because of the influence of Democrat President Woodrow Wilson and Democrat
President Franklin Roosevelt the Democrat Party abandoned conservativism and
moved over into being liberal in both social and fiscal areas. At the same time, the
Republican Party began to move into being more conservative both fiscally and
socially. The formerly solid Democratic south began to become Republican and now
the Republicans have control of more of the south than does the Democrats. The
Liberal Democrats are generally referred to as the Left Wing and the Conservative
Republicans as the Right Wing. Using the term “Wing” implies the extremes of the
party but indicates the direction the party is headed.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton was in full control of the Democrat Party. The Liberal
Newsmedia had guaranteed that she was going to be the next president. The
Electoral College again saved the country from catastrophe. Hillary’s biggest
victory was in the state of New York. She won the state by 1,736,590 votes. She won
17 counties while Donald Trump won 45 counties. Nationwide she won the popular
vote by 2,864,902 yet she won only 487 counties across the country. Donald Trump won 2,627 counties. The counties that Hillary won were the high population, high
welfare, low income areas where very little taxes are paid. Because the entire
Democrat Party was assured that Hillary was going to be President and Donald
Trump won the election, the Democrats hate Donald Trump.

In the first two years of Donald Trump’s term as President, the economy has
been on an upturn. The unemployment has gone down substantially. The USA has
become energy independent. The USA has become an oil exporter instead of an
importer of oil. President Trump has taken on the immigration problems and is
attempting to take actions to solve them. Drugs, weapons, and illegal immigrants
have been coming across the border freely. During President Obama’s term in
office, the Democrats saw that the only solution was to build a barrier across our
southern border. No action was ever taken but now President Trump has started to
actually build the wall. Donald Trump promised during the campaign that he would
build this wall and he is attempting to keep his promise.

Nancy Pelosi is the California Representative that is the highest ranking elected
women in United States history. She is 78 years old. She is third in line in the
Presidential succession. If the President and Vice President died or had to be
removed from office, she would become president. She represents 80% of San
Francisco city/county area known as the 12th Congressional District. She was born
in Baltimore. Both her father and her brother served as mayor of Baltimore. She is
a Catholic. She married a wealthy businessman in San Francisco in 1963 named
Paul Pelosi. She was recently elected as the Speaker of the House when the
Democrats regained the majority in the House of Representatives. She is in her 35th
year as a member of the House of Representatives. She is a super-liberal who cannot
be defeated in her district. Her net worth is estimated to be twenty nine million
dollars. She hates President Trump and will take any step to keep him from being
successful even though his successes are good for the country

She is for open borders that will allow anyone to enter the country. She favors
sanctuary cities and states that will hinder deportation of illegals that commit crimes.
She voted against tax cuts. She passed the Affordable Care Act. She is a supporter
and promoter of LGBTQ legislation. She had a statue of Robert E. Lee on the
Capital grounds moved to a less conspicuous place and replaced it with a statue of
Rosa Parks. She does not hesitate to use her office to create personal wealth. She
arranged for her husband to have sole responsibility to dispose of all vacant postal
buildings owned by the country on a commission basis. Her home in the exclusive
St. Helena section of San Francisco is enclosed by a fence. It is not a wall but the
illegals do not congregate in the St. Helena section.

There are new Democrat members of the House of Representatives that are true
socialists that are opposed to a capitalistic society. They also hate President Trump.
Nancy Pelosi must please this faction of the Democrats in order to keep her position
as Speaker.

President Trump has agreed to a three week period to open the government and
pay the workers that were on furlough. The story is not over. If the Democrats do
not bargain in good faith the President must declare a National Emergency and build
the partition with other funds if he expects to be reelected in 2020.

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