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Floyd Public Safety

Floyd Medical Center Receives “C” Grade

Fifteen Georgia hospitals scored an “A’’ grade on patient safety in the latest Leapfrog Group report. Floyd Medical Center was not one of them.

The ratings, which were released on Tuesday, show that rougly one-fifth of the state’s hospitals evaluated received an ‘A’ grade, up slightly from 2017 but still below the national average of 30% of state hospitals receiving A grades.

Locally, Floyd Medical Center received a “C” grade once again.

Where the hospital was dinged on scoring points:

  • FMC received a 0.872 grade for MRSA infections. For reference, 0.00 is a perfect score.
  • FMC scored just above average on preventing infections in the blood.
  • FMC scored above average in preventing UTI infections of admitted patients
  • FMC scored received a 1.823 for surgical site infection after colon surgery.This infection happens after surgery in the part of the colon where the surgery took place. These infections can be very serious, and may spread throughout the body. A patient with this type of infection often faces a long recovery in the ICU. Some people even die from the infection.
  • FMC received a 1.003 in prevention of c diff. infections and the prevention of site infection after surgery.
  • FMC scored below average on ‘Practices to Prevent Errors’ including:
    • a failure by doctors to order medicines through computers
    • communication about discharge to patients
    • handwashing
  • FMC scored above average on communication about medications to patients
  • FMC scored below average on communication with doctors and patients, communication with nurses and patients, and the responsiveness of hospital staff.
  • FMC scored well below average in specially trained doctors care for ICU patients, tying the worst hospital’s score of 5 the average is 50.
  • FMC scored below average on having enough qualified nurses.

Where the hospital excelled:

  • Preventing patient falls
  • Preventing bed sores
  • In instances related to surgery, such as:
    • No dangerous parts left in patients after surgery
    • No surgical wounds left open
    • Lack of deaths from preventable causes post-surgery
    • Few blood clots in patients post-surgery
    • Lacking serious breathing problems after surgery
  • Communication with nurses and responsiveness of hospital staff

In Spring 2015, FMC received an A grade. In Spring 2016 FMC received a B, followed up with a C in the Fall. Spring 2017 FMC received a B, followed up with a C in the Fall. Spring 2018 score is FMC’s second consecutive grade C.

You can read the entire score card here.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar

    Becky kemble

    April 27, 2018 at 1:39 pm

    Absolutely don’t deserve over a c.
    I went to the er in more pain than I’ve ever had.
    Told them my entire right leg was on fire.
    They checked everything but the leg and sent me home with a pelvis broken in two places last week!!!

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