The city of Summerville, Georgia tops the just-released list of SafeWise’s 50 Safest Cities in Georgia for 2018, according to a news release.

The Chattooga County city, with a U.S. Census-recorded population of 4,442, had a violent crime rate of 0.23 per 1,000 people, based on a review of 2016 FBI crime report statistics by the home security website.

“The police force of Georgia’s safest city, Summerville, deserves a round of applause,” a Safewise reporter wrote. “With only one violent crime and forty-one property crimes in 2016, they’ve clearly demonstrated their commitment to public safety.”

“We have a great city. I think it’s a group effort between our citizens, mayor, council and our police department. I think with the mayor and council allowing us to have the right equipment and adequate number of officers that Chief Mosley and myself think is necessary to keep our citizens safe. This is a vital part along with our officers patrolling in the neighborhoods and just stopping and talking and getting to know our businesses and citizens,” Summerville Police Department Captain Harold Tucker told AllOnGeorgia.

The Summerville Police Department is committed to serving the community through proactive policing, professionalism, and community partnerships. “I am thankful of what a tremendous responsibility our officers have accepted. I am well aware of the need for employing the best of the best personnel and providing each member of this agency with the equipment and training necessary to carry out our mission effectively, safely, and professionally.”

“I am very proud of our personnel and their commitment to this community. By immersing the Summerville Police Department in the community we have developed unparalleled relationships with the people that we serve. Members of the police department are committed to providing the citizens and visitors of Summerville a safe environment to live in, and an inviting community to visit. Our police officers are members of the community they serve, and they do so with pride, professionalism and integrity,” Chief Stan Mosley said.

Property crimes per 1,000 people in Summerville occurred at a 9.23 rate that year, and total crime in the city was 97.56 percent property crime and 2.44 percent violent crime, according to the website review.

Other Northwest Georgia cities noted in the 50 Safest Cities rankings were Woodstock (Cherokee County) at number 11, Chatsworth (Murray County) at number 17, LaFayette (Walker County) at number 44 and Calhoun (Gordon County) at number 48.

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