USDA Announces $19 Billion Relief Plan for Farmers, Ranchers

At least $16 billion of the money will go directly to support farmers and ranchers based on actual losses for agricultural producers where prices and market supply chains have been impacted.

Presidential pardon sought for former U.S. Congressman Steve Stockman

34 federal prisons are affected by the COVID-19 virus, and the number is expected to increase.

Senators Pen Letter to Feds Urging Expedited Foreign Nurse Visas During COVID-19

“We simply do not have the workforce here to fulfill our country’s nursing needs.”

Detainees in Private ICE Facility Seek Federal Court Order for Soap, Sanitizer, PPE

The motion alleges that any inmates refusing to comply with orders to clean and sanitize common areas in the private prison facilities face "solitary confinement and other serious harm"

HHS Accelerates Clinical Trials, Prepares for Manufacturing of COVID-19 Vaccines

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services took steps Monday to speed the development and manufacturing of vaccines to prevent COVID-19

Fmr. Democratic Presidential Candidate Launches 501(c)4 for Humanity

Humanity Forward is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization with "an official mission to “build the movement to rewrite the rules of our economy and society to make it work for us, the people, and create a human-centered America.”

DOJ to Appeal District Court Ruling Regarding Drug Injection Sites

A federal judge ruled this week that a nonprofit seeking to open a facility in Philadelphia for the injection of illegal drugs would not violate a federal drug law known commonly as the federal “crack house statute.” 

DHS OIG: When agencies cooperate, ICE successfully identifies, arrests criminal aliens through ICE Criminal...

As a result of the lack of cooperation, ICE has shifted resources, especially in uncooperative jurisdictions, to conduct more at-large arrests in the community. 

Justice Department Files Amicus Brief Explaining that Harvard’s Race-Based Admissions Process Violates Federal Civil-Rights...

In its amicus brief, the United States explains that Harvard’s expansive use of race in its admissions process violates federal civil-rights law and Supreme Court precedent. 

Federal Appeals Court Rules Cross Monument Can Stay

Georgia is part of the 11th circuit and joined the suit as a 'friend of the court,' offering a brief in support of the City of Pensacola. We have a number of crosses on state property around Georgia as well. What do you think?