Ep. 116: Lawsuits & Government Overreaction

In Episode 116 of the Let Me Tell You Why You're Wrong Podcast, Dave & Jessica discuss the military’s plan to bar new recruits who have recovered from COVID-19, the government-backed devastation to Uber & Lyft, Georgia’s extended judicial emergency, the Lt. Governor’s mediocre effort to help the state budget, and a recently filed lawsuit against the Georgia State Patrol. Plus a few updates from stories of the past.

Ep. 115: Pandering & the Piggly Wiggly

In Episode 115 of the Let Me Tell You Why You're Wrong Podcast, Dave & Jessica week 8 of the COVID-19 pandemic in Georgia - Americans hoarding cash, unemployment benefit claims, and the decision to suspend the on-road component of the driver’s license test. The pair also discusses a number of non-COVID newsworthy items related to local and state politics.

Ep. 114: Excommunicating Democrats

In Episode 114 of the Let Me Tell You Why You're Wrong Podcast, Dave & Jessica discuss Kemp’s plan to reopen Georgia. Progressive thinker and soon-to-be Canadian citizen Jeff Klein joins the show with some dissenting thoughts on COVID-19 management, President Trump, and Governor Kemp. Plus, an update on the pancake that just won’t cook - State Rep. Vernon Jones - and another Democrat who’s under fire for thanking Trump.

Ep. 113: Vernon, Van, & Trump UBI

In Episode 113 of the Let Me Tell You Why You're Wrong Podcast, Dave & Jessica do a round-up of government activities across the state and nation during Week 4 of CoronaTine. Topics for discussion include: Democratic State Rep. Vernon Jones endorsing President Trump, Savannah Mayor Van Johnson’s drone program, stimulus-free strip clubs, tyranny in Michigan and North Carolina, Trump’s treasury checks, and the universal basic income proposal.

Ep. 112: A Matt Upgrade

PODCAST:  In Episode 112, State Representative and 9th Congressional district candidate Matt Gurtler joins Dave & Jessica to discuss his fundraising efforts, the pandemic campaign trail, and the special session. Plus, Dave & Jessica discuss the ACLU’s lawsuit over a supposed poll tax, the booming weed business in Georgia amid the shelter in place, and stupid questions by the stupid media. 

Ep. 111 – Constructive Debate with Georgia NAACP President

PODCAST: In Episode 111, James Woodall, President of the Georgia chapter of the NAACP, joins Jessica and Dave for a lively discussion about life, liberty, and executive orders under a declared state of emergency..

Ep. 110: We Suspending Habeas Corpus Up In Here

PODCAST: In Episode 110, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Georgia - Ryan Graham - joins Dave & Jessica for discussion on a number of topics, including the most recent lawsuit filed against the Georgia Secretary of State, the idea of using absentee ballots almost exclusively in the May 19th primary election, and the role of government in the COVID-19 response.