FAITH COLUMN: Is God a cruel Creator?

OPINION: Gary Bates on why a loving God would create a world of suffering

LIGON: The Legislature Reconvenes

Senator William Ligon details what the Georgia legislature has been up to after a nearly three-month pause from the legislative session.

FAITH COLUMN: Confidence in the face of death

OPINION: "First, as Christians, how do we know what we claim to know about what happens to us after we die? If it were simply a matter of “our best guess” or even the testimony of fallible people who have had ‘near death experiences’, we would have reason for uncertainty."

FAITH COLUMN: Marriage and identity crisis

OPINION: "Those who think that marriage is a covenant between one man and one woman (until one of the two dies) need to think again. That is, if you go by a recent [poll]..."

COLUMN: Case Law Doesn’t Support Arrest of Protester with ‘Obscene’ Sign in Lowndes Co.

OPINION: Amidst protests across the country, a woman in south Georgia was arrested for peacefully protesting with a sign the Sheriff said contained profanity. But the Sheriff will have to make the case for a lot more than his own justification.

COLUMN: Cutting a Police Agency Budget is Worse Than Stripping It Entirely & Punishes...

OPINION: The calls to partially defund law enforcement agencies around the state (and nation) in light of the national events are gaining momentum, but Jessica Szilagyi says doing so would be worse than stripping an agency of all of its money entirely. See why -->

FAITH COLUMN: The goodness of God

OPINION: "Unfortunately, the original goodness of the creation was corrupted by sin. Today, we see carnivory, thorns, disease, and death in creation, not because it was God’s original intention for His creation, but because Adam disobeyed God and sin brought into the creation things that do not align with God’s goodness."

COLUMN: Not Voting Means Gen Z, Millennials Will Lose Voice for Better Community

OPINION: College student Sydney Goggans says young people must get out and vote. "We must take important consideration in who we want to be our future leaders. Voting is a right that many Americans do not take advantage of. By not voting, we lose the opportunity to use our voice and advocate for those who we believe will help build a better community."

Loeffler: A Plan to Get Georgians Back to Work

OPINION: "A job is more than just a paycheck. It means putting food on the table, receiving health care benefits and harnessing opportunity to build a better life for you and your family."

Hogan: Georgians have a long history of fighting for our civil rights

OPINION: "Georgians have a long history of fighting for our civil rights, and we are once again called to continue the work. We will be steadfast, unwavering, and resilient in our pursuit of justice. "