COLUMN: Georgia Must Cement Bail Reform Progress

OPINION: R Street Institute's Marc Hyden makes the case for reforming Georgia's bail system. What do you think?

COLUMN: Queen of the Swamp

The following article is an opinion piece and reflects the views of only the author and not those of AllOnGeorgia. By: Ken Herron The government of...

COLUMN: Elected Officials Should Finish What They Start

OPINION: Jessica Szilagyi says elected officials shouldn't be able to so easily abandon a job they asked to have. She also says elected officials should have to help foot the bill when they cause special elections.

COLUMN: Sen. David Perdue has earned our vote by trusting us

OPINION: Stephen Allison, a senior advisor of Americans for Prosperity Action, talks about his support for Senator David Perdue.

COLUMN: Balancing Police Presence in Public Schools

OPINION: As New York City works to strip police in schools of almost all of their authority, Georgia lawmakers tried earlier this year to take discretion away from school administrators and streamline law enforcement in disciplinary procedures. Jessica Szilagyi asks why we're even trying to legislate how police behave in the first place.

COLUMN: Hollywood’s Threat To Boycott Georgia Is No Threat At All

OPINION: Marc Hyden says Hollywood filmmakers are threatening to boycott Georgia if the fetal-heartbeat law goes into effect. But let's be honest here: The TV and movie industry didn’t come to Georgia for its politics; it planted roots here because Georgia offers producers some of the most lavish tax incentives in the country

COLUMN: Repatriate our Patriots

OPINION: It is our responsibility to rehabilitate all veterans back into society. They often struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder or service-related injuries, and these struggles do not discriminate between those who are citizens or permanent residents and those who are not.

COLUMN: Rural Counties Need to Start Looking Out for Themselves

OPINION: Jessica Szilagyi talks about the need for rural counties to stop propping up the whole community while the counties themselves struggle to stay afloat. More -->

COLUMN: It Is Joe’s Time To Run

OPINION: "Biden has announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020. As a part of the Obama/Biden administration for eight years, he will be forced to defend all of the actions taken by President Obama."

COLUMN: No Elephants – Women Who Have Abortions Won’t Face Criminal Charges under Georgia’s...

OPINION PIECE: Attorney Matthew Cavedon talks about Georgia's heartbeat bill. "Because I both support the new law and oppose criminal penalties for women who have abortions, Mr. Fleischman’s take gave me concern. But when I looked at the text of HB 481, and Georgia law more generally, my fears dissolved. HB 481 does not put women who have abortions in prosecutors’ crosshairs."