COLUMN: Money appears tight on the campaign trail

It isn't something that you would take along to read at the beach for there's nothing colorful, sexy or entertaining about campaign disclosure forms....

OPINION: Bryan Co Defense of Victim’s Fund Use is More Like a Limp Shield

OPINION: Jessica Szilagyi talks about the recent rebuttal by local officials who claim they did not mismanage funds intended to help victims of crime.

COLUMN: Proposed Rideshare Tax Will Hurt Business, Public Safety

OPINION: "HB 276 that would assess an excessive tax on Georgians who use rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft. The amendment text hasn’t been published on the Georgia General Assembly webpage yet, but the release states that the proposal would levy “an 8.9% sales tax on rides in Atlanta and an average 7% sales tax on rides throughout the rest of Georgia.”

OPINION: The Government’s Role Isn’t to Take Away People’s Jobs

"When borrowers’ occupational licenses are suspended, they are prohibited from working in their professions. Without a job, it can be nearly impossible to satisfy one’s loan obligations. Thus, rather than helping borrowers repay their loans, the policy makes it more difficult for them to do so."

COLUMN: Mayor Battles Press Over Legality, Councilman Threatens Former State Rep

During the council meeting Tuesday evening (details of that available here), I found that when the mayor arbitrarily admitted he was breaking protocol and...

COLUMN: Our Country’s Leading Socialist

OPINION: Ken Herron discusses Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's views on private prisons, healthcare, the economy, housing, and more.

Column: Tax Credit Program Giving Georgia’s Rural Hospitals New Life

COLUMN - Tax credits for rural Georgia hospitals have a chance to change the game in cutting regulations for hospitals while increasing better care for Georgians.

Could the Ralston go back to the future?

    Should the Ralston Hotel be razed or saved? Or, could the third tallest building in Columbus be a full-service hotel again? Right now, the Ralston sits...

COLUMN: Coal Fired Power Plants – Stay with Capitalism

OPINION: Ken Herro says "to think that things that we have done in our two percent of the earth has effected the entire world is just a little bit ridiculous."

COLUMN: Down the Ballot to the GOP Insurance Commissioner’s Race

The article below is an opinion piece and reflects only the views of the author and not necessarily those of AllOnGeorgia. It is part of...