COLUMN: Dr. Alveda King – “Trump is bringing opportunity to African Americans in Atlanta...

OPINION: "For too long, Washington politicians have taken African Americans for granted, making empty promises on the campaign trail and then neglecting our needs once they took office. We paid the price, in the form of sky-high poverty rates, mass incarceration, and crime. Confronted by the problems they helped create, our representatives chose divisive identity politics and pitted Americans against one another instead of rallying together behind God and country to create solutions. "

COLUMN: Why Do You Wait for the Courts to Assert Your Constitutional Rights?

OPINION: Jessica Szilagyi talks about a recent court ruling that limits what questions police officers can ask during a traffic stop, but she says it's only necessary because people have become too lazy and complacent to assert their own rights.

Guilfoyle: Economic freedom is the key to female empowerment

OPINION: Women in Georgia know the meaning of the word “empowerment.” Sadly, not every politician in Washington knows what it takes to truly empower American women.

COLUMN: Ga Should Collect Outstanding Revenue Before Eliminating Services, Jobs

"Before Georgia furloughs state employees or eliminates government services, I believe we have a duty to make sure we are collecting all revenue that is due. " - Senator Rhett

COLUMN: Is Georgia headed for a Kelly Gissendaner Execution Redux?

OPINION: Jessica Szilagyi talks about the man Georgia is set to execute at the end of the month for a 1994 murder in rural Thomas County, but with a witness who recanted and the availability of forensic DNA testing, she asks why the state is still barreling toward the execution.

COLUMN: A Desperate Plea for Marijuana

OPINION: Homeschool student from northwest Georgia discusses medical marijuana and legalization.

COLUMN: The Unblamed Parties in Officer-Involved Shootings

OPINION: Jessica Szilagyi talks about the latest verdict in the trial of former DeKalb County Police Officer Robert Olsen, in which she says the public outrage is clouding the conversation on what police accountability even means.

COLUMN: Can Dems Impeach The President?

OPINION: Ken Herron talks about his perspective on Trump's impeachment by Congressional Democrats. Is there reason to be confident?

COLUMN: Verdict in Fmr. Kingsland Police Officer Case Missed the Mark

OPINION: A jury acquitted a former Kingsland police officer of manslaughter charges on Saturday, but found him guilty of violation of oath of office - a felony. Jessica Szilagyi talks about why, regardless of where you stand on the verdict, the jury didn't have all of the information they needed to properly do their job and it's a growing problem in our legal system.

COLUMN: Congress is Threatening Rural Health Care Access

OPINION: "Knowing the problems facing rural communities and the work air ambulances are doing, it is confusing that Congress is looking at legislation that will actually make the lives of emergency first responders harder." - Colt Chambers