Column: Suturing Wounds with Mercy

I often look into the mirror first. I often catch myself believing the lie that I can somehow begin with my own failures and create change in myself. I will find an issue and then want my own reflection to change itself. Many Christians, no doubt, have taken up this same mantra of self-improvement.

Faith Column: Do you consume food porn?

One October at Oklahoma State University, proud I made it to class early, I walked smiling up to the professor and some students and asked what they were discussing. Food porn. Immediately, I knew I had walked into the wrong conversation

Faith Column: Should the church #believewomen?

Even the attempt to answer such a question inherently alters the role of the church. The church is no longer the Bride of Christ but assumes the gavel of the Judge. In doing so, she assumes a role reserved for her Bridegroom, Jesus (Matt 28:18, Acts 10:42). Only God knows the secret courts of men’s hearts. In a world full of hurt and pain, Jesus assures both the abused and falsely accused a just heavenly court where sin will be punished. Meanwhile, God gave the church a specific role: healing wounds—not judging them.

Column: How do you pray for your church members?

How do you pray for your church members?

Faith Column: How To Start a Quiet Time

What is a quiet time? A pastor friend of mine shared an amusing anecdote. When he first became a Christian, a mentor of his...

Laurel or Yanny??

Laurel or Yanny... another internet phenomenon that spreads like wildfire and plays on the common human emotion of refusing to accept defeat. Like most viral...

Column: Trion Drugs is Small Town Georgia

Last week, I stopped at Trion Drugs on my way back from Ringgold. I had been working all day, and needed to pick up...

COLUMN: Mr. Hoyt Williams honored at Wal-Mart Headquarters in honor of Veterans Day

At the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of November, Wal-Mart Headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas rolled out the red carpet for several employees who...

Faith Column: The Benefits of Prohibition

It’s time for a sober discussion concerning the evil effects of alcohol on our society.

COLUMN: Irwin County and the GHSA pull the ‘Ole Switcheroo’

The following article is an editorialized opinion piece and reflects the views of only the author and not necessarily those of AllOnGeorgia.While playoff baseball...