Column: Halloween Memories

Halloween is a strange holiday to get sentimental over but, this morning I find myself all in the "feels" (thanks to Facebook memories) and...

FAITH COLUMN: How to Gauge Success in Ministry

When someone says, “just be faithful,” how can that even be measured? We all know being faithful in ministry is important, but what factors determine faithfulness? One important aspect in defining success is having metrics by which one can even engage the question. What does success look like?

Faith Column: Happy Hallowed Reformation Day

The 95 thesis are not particularly revolutionary in themselves. Initially very few people paid any attention to what Luther wrote. It is highly unlikely Luther even considered hammering his work as a spectacular event. Yet, history bears witness to tumultuous consequences and blessings of his action.

Faith Column: Are You Faking Your Way Through Worship?

In reality, a minimal difference between the magic of Broadway and the feeling of worship in our churches exists. Through lighting, stage dressing, sound, and special effects the theatre generates emotion in its crowds; yet, we would not call these emotional experiences worship. Why then do we crave worship experiences, which can be fabricated by judicious uses religious artifacts and theatrical tricks? The answer is simple. Our definition of worship is wrong.

Faith Column: Why I Vote

There are two things you should never talk about at Thanksgiving: religion and politics.

Faith Column: The Bells of Notre Dame Will Be Silent This Easter

The Bells of Notre Dame Will Be Silent This Easter

Hurts so good…

It is not often that Alabama Coach Nick Saban gets choked up when talking to reporters. Usually he is rude with shifty eyes while...

Column: Winning in Defeat

But what McNair brought to the table was humanity, humility, and a team bond that kept their heads up and their sportsmanship intact through both games, and during a display of community sportsmanship that was just as epic as their loss on the field.

COLUMN: Irwin County and the GHSA pull the ‘Ole Switcheroo’

The following article is an editorialized opinion piece and reflects the views of only the author and not necessarily those of AllOnGeorgia. While playoff baseball...

Faith Column: How to Start a Family Devotion in December

How to Start a Family Devotion in December