Column: Winning in Defeat

But what McNair brought to the table was humanity, humility, and a team bond that kept their heads up and their sportsmanship intact through both games, and during a display of community sportsmanship that was just as epic as their loss on the field.

Laurel or Yanny??

Laurel or Yanny... another internet phenomenon that spreads like wildfire and plays on the common human emotion of refusing to accept defeat. Like most viral...

COLUMN: Lyerly Reunion Draws Crowd

Lyerly Reunion Draws Crowd

Faith Column: Demons, Sports, and John

Demons, Sports, and John

Column: How do you pray for your church members?

How do you pray for your church members?

Column: Snow in the Southland

Snow in the Southland

Faith Column: Pouring Ourselves into Reality

We need to stop blending into secularism. The stale Lucky Charms of the 80's and 90's can't compare to the wedding banquet of the lamb. We need to stop scrounging for secular table scraps and start inviting them to our Father's table. The Bible answers what nostalgia cannot; it speaks of an eternity of wonder free from the temporal myth of magic.

Column: Suturing Wounds with Mercy

I often look into the mirror first. I often catch myself believing the lie that I can somehow begin with my own failures and create change in myself. I will find an issue and then want my own reflection to change itself. Many Christians, no doubt, have taken up this same mantra of self-improvement.

Faith Column: Do you consume food porn?

One October at Oklahoma State University, proud I made it to class early, I walked smiling up to the professor and some students and asked what they were discussing. Food porn. Immediately, I knew I had walked into the wrong conversation

Faith Column: Who Gets to Divine the Divine? A Response to Union Seminary’s Statement

Who Gets to Divine the Divine? A Response to Union Seminary’s Statement