Column: Winning in Defeat

But what McNair brought to the table was humanity, humility, and a team bond that kept their heads up and their sportsmanship intact through both games, and during a display of community sportsmanship that was just as epic as their loss on the field.

Faith Column: The Bells of Notre Dame Will Be Silent This Easter

The Bells of Notre Dame Will Be Silent This Easter

Faith Column: Are You Faking Your Way Through Worship?

In reality, a minimal difference between the magic of Broadway and the feeling of worship in our churches exists. Through lighting, stage dressing, sound, and special effects the theatre generates emotion in its crowds; yet, we would not call these emotional experiences worship. Why then do we crave worship experiences, which can be fabricated by judicious uses religious artifacts and theatrical tricks? The answer is simple. Our definition of worship is wrong.

FAITH COLUMN: How to Gauge Success in Ministry

When someone says, “just be faithful,” how can that even be measured? We all know being faithful in ministry is important, but what factors determine faithfulness? One important aspect in defining success is having metrics by which one can even engage the question. What does success look like?

Faith Column: How To Start a Quiet Time

What is a quiet time? A pastor friend of mine shared an amusing anecdote. When he first became a Christian, a mentor of his...

FAITH COLUMN: What Happened to the United Methodists?

On February 12, 2019 the United Methodist Church (UMC) released the findings of a theological research report conducted across the denomination. “The goal was to shed...

Faith Column: Letters From Dad

Faith Column: Letters From Dad

Faith Column: Do you consume food porn?

One October at Oklahoma State University, proud I made it to class early, I walked smiling up to the professor and some students and asked what they were discussing. Food porn. Immediately, I knew I had walked into the wrong conversation

Column: Snow in the Southland

Snow in the Southland

COLUMN: Lyerly Reunion Draws Crowd

Lyerly Reunion Draws Crowd