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Glynn, Jekyll, & Brunswick now collecting SPLOST dollars

In November of 2016, Glynn County voters approved a referendum to collect a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, or SPLOST, and the county began collecting money for the special project list as of April 1.

Approved SPLOST referendums allow counties and cities to collect an additional 1% sales tax for local capital outlay projects. Projects include street paving, road striping, sidewalks, water and utility upgrades and things of the sort.

The sales tax in Glynn County is now 7%.

Glynn County set a goal of $71,595,000. The project list includes:

  • Animal Control Facility
    Estimated cost: $1,500,000.00
  • Veterans Memorial
    Estimated cost: $1,500,000.00
  • St Simons Island Village Drainage Improvements
    • $600,000
  • Arnold Rd. Tide Gates Replacement
    • $100,000
  • College Park Drainage Outfall Improvements
    • $1,000,000
  • Chapel Crossing Rd. Drainage Improvements
    • $350,000
  • Somersby Point to Martin Palmer Dr. Drainage Improvements
    • $75,000
  • Golden Isles Parkway Extension Drainage Improvements
    • $2,100,000
  • Box Culvert Replacement on Old Jesup Rd. near Lillie Way
    • $350,000
  • North Harrington Drainage Outfall Improvements
    • $400,000
  • Hornet Dr. Drainage Outfall Improvements
    • $800,000
  • Sea Island Rd. Ditch Piping Improvements
    • $300,000
  • Road Resurfacing and Road Shoulder Widening
    Estimated cost: $10,662,846
    Resurfacing of at least 10 miles of roads per year for at least five years for a total of 50 miles will take place in various locations throughout Glynn County.  Resurfacing priorities will be based on a Pavement Evaluation Management System, PEMS.  Additionally asphalt shoulders 2 feet in width should be considered on all arterial and collector roads evaluated for resurfacing to prevent dangerous edge drop off issues.
  • Road Reconstruction and Resurfacing on Old Jesup Road near Everett City
    Estimated cost: $850,000
    This section of Old Jesup Road is near to catastrophic condition due to failures of the underlying base materials.  This road will be rebuilt in place and require removal of the existing asphalt.  There is no right-of-way outside of the existing footprint of the road, which runs through a cypress swamp.  Several options are available to restore a stabilized base including, but not limited to, concrete, or recycled in place road stabilization.
  • Canal Rd. Project Improvements
    Estimated cost: $4,000,000
    This project will tie into the improvements and widening that were installed with the Sam’s Club project.  The remaining section out to Glynco Parkway will be widened to four lanes, drainage pipe required for current longitudinal ditches, multi-use trail, and intersection improvement at Glynco Parkway.
  • Extension of Dungeness Dr.
    Estimated cost: $400,000
    The project will consist of all engineering, surveying, r/w acquisitions, plan development, and construction required to tie the current end of Dungeness Drive to Southport Parkway to facilitate access from the commercial area of Southport Parkway directly to the traffic signal on U.S. Highway 17 at Dungeness Drive.
  • Dirt Road Paving
    Estimated cost: $3,000,000
    Various locations throughout Glynn County
  • Sidewalk along Gateway Center Blvd.- Design and install sidewalk and lighting along Gateway Center Boulevard from Glynco to Canal Road and a small section of Canal Road. Estimated cost: $200,000
  • Sidewalk Improvements along Ocean Blvd. – This project continues the King’s Way Sidewalk Improvement Project constructed in 2015.  It will include resurfacing and widening of the existing sidewalk to multi-use status. Estimated cost: $150,000
  • Sidewalk Improvements along Frederica Rd. – Urban sidewalk maintenance and improvements. Pavement markings at 1610 antiques, reclaim shoulder for additional multipurpose lane width, install curb where lane proximity is directly adjacent to path. Signage, pavement markings, crossing at Retreat Plaza.  Sidewalk gap closure of existing sidewalk at Long View Dr. to Rear View Dr. Sidewalk gap closure of existing sidewalk at south of Landing Field Road adjacent to Fuse Frozen Yogurt. Estimated cost: $490,000
  • Sidewalk along U.S. Highway 341 – This project would continue the U.S. Highway 341 sidewalk from McKenzie Drive to Sterling.  The sidewalk will be five feet wide with a two foot wide delineated concrete buffer strip against the back of curb.  The walk will be ADA compliant. Estimated cost: $270,000
  • Sidewalk in Harrington area on St. Simons Island – 6’ multipurpose trail, signage, boat launch site improvements/trail head facilities. Estimated cost: $250,000
  • Sidewalk along Chapel Crossing Rd. – Multipurpose trail & signage from Golden Isles Parkway to US 17/Coastal Georgia Greenway Trail. Estimated cost: $540,000
  • Bridge Construction Project over South Palm Ditch on US Hwy 17-  Construction of a bridge over the South Palm drainage ditch as U.S. Highway 17. The current cross drain pipes are undersized causing the drainage system to back water as far west as Spur 25 at Altama Connector. Work will require extensive permitting and design,. Estimated cost: $1,725,000
  • Sea Island Rd. and Hamilton Rd. Intersection
    • $73,200
  • Frederica Rd. and Demere Rd. Intersection
    • $33,200
  • Frederica Rd. and Riverview Dr. Intersection
    • $31,400
  • Frederica Rd. and Sea Island Rd. Intersection
    • $286,600
  • Ocean Blvd. and Mallery St. Intersection
    • $277,200
  • Sea Island Rd. and Hamilton Landing Dr. Intersection
    • $101,400
  • East Beach Causeway and Ocean Boulevard
    • $1,340,700
  • Beach Causeway and Demere Rd. Intersection
    • $850,900
  • Sea Island Rd. and Demere Rd.
    • $124,200
  • Kings Way and Frederica Rd. Intersection
    • $1,291,000
  • GA SR 25 Spur and Altama Connector Intersection
    • $3,250,000
  • Frederica Rd. Traffic Flow “go around” (“eyebrow”) Lane Improvements
    • $76,000
  • Projects on Jekyll Island
  • Joint Water & Sewer

Photo: Glynn County Government


The County also provided a breakdown of the project types:

Photo: Glynn County Government

The SPLOST collections will expire on September 30, 2020 unless voters approve an extension. The SPLOST will also cease should the county collect the $71,595,000 before the 2020 expiration.

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