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As the county gets ready for potential impacts of another tropical system related to Hurricane Michael, the county’s emergency management director has been named in a sexual harassment civil suit.

Charles “Chuck” White was named in a civil suit which named the entire Jacksonville Port Authority, where he was formerly employed before being hired in Camden last year.  The suit was filed by a  Jacksonville woman who disputes JaxPort employees pressed her to have sex when she was applying for a job and then made the same request for sex after she got a promotion, according to reports by Jacksonville.com.

AllOnGeorgia-Camden reached out to the county for more information about White’s continuance as the emergency management director. The county sent the following statement:

The allegations in a Florida civil action against Charles White are serious and concerning. The civil suit naming him as a defendant has been filed in a different state during his tenure with a different employer and therefore, Camden County will not comment further on any of the allegations made against Mr. White. Camden County has a strict workplace discrimination policy and sexual harassment will not be tolerated by any employee of the county.

To date, there have been no complaints, filed or alleged, against Mr. White during his employment with Camden County.  However, when Camden County offered Mr. White administrative leave while the county reviewed the claims against him,  he chose to tender his resignation.

White was hired as Camden’s Emergency Management Director in July of 2017 and has been credited with helping create a unified approach to communications and storm preparedness for Camden County.

White, who has lived in Camden County for more than a decade, served as the Director of Public Safety for the Jacksonville Port Authority over the last 13 years. He has more than 25 years of experience in law enforcement, security, safety, and emergency management.

White will resign after Hurricane Michael no longer is a threat to Camden County. According to the county, he has tendered his resignation for October 12.

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Jeremy Spencer
Jeremy Spencer grew up in rural South Georgia and has served as a healthcare provider, high school science teacher, school administrator, and state education official. Jeremy is currently the market and content manager for All on Georgia-Camden and Glynn Counties. Jeremy’s focus is local news, statewide education issues, and statewide political commentary for the All on Georgia News Network. Jeremy has served as an education policy analyst for local legislators and state education leaders as well as a campaign strategist for local and statewide political campaigns. Jeremy holds degrees in science and education from the University of Georgia, Piedmont College, and Valdosta State University. Jeremy has lived in Camden County for over 17 years.


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