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My daughter and I arrived at the Camden County Humane Society recently,ready to sign up as volunteers. When we walked in, we first noticed a bunch of kittens and cats in carriers, stacked on top of each other. One had a group of five black tiger-striped kittens curled up in it. At first thought, it was supposed these were new arrivals, but it was quickly explained to me that the room where the house the cats and kittens was getting a deep cleaning.

This particular day is not open to the public, and the staff and volunteers can more efficiently do deep-cleaning practices during this day.

The three of us travel into the room where the dog kennels are. Each of them jump up on their kennel doors, as if to say, ‘Pick me! Take me home!’My first reaction was to load them all up with my teen in our SUV and head for home. Reality set in pretty quick, and led me to my next reaction. The best way I felt I could help these sweet orphans is to help spread the word about them. There are so many unwanted dogs and cats at this shelter! I believe I was told there was 3 to 7 new intakes each week. That is between 156 to 392 each year.

A load full of kittens and cats were just driven up to New Jersey, to a larger shelter. While this drastically reduced the amount of felines for adoption, the number began to climb back up the next day. Remember the carrier full of kittens I mentioned earlier? The amount of kittens and cats has prompted the Humane Society to offer a limited-time special: all kitten and cat adoptions are listed as half-price on their website. $50 includes age appropriate vaccinations and initial preventative medical treatments. This is a limited-time offer!

Also, 16 dogs are going to be taken to the Jacksonville MEGA adoption weekend, currently underway at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds.  So far, I believe five have already been adopted and on their way to new homes.

Want to see some of the furry faces waiting to be adopted? Here is a video  one of the volunteers put together, displaying adoptable animals currently at the shelter.

In addition to gathering pictures of new and longer residents each week, my teen daughter and I are scheduled for volunteer hours each week. I am looking forward to playing with the kittens, while my daughter is more interested in taking the dogs to the outdoor play area.

Did you find the perfect dog and/or cat in the video? Want to volunteer at the shelter? Perhaps you want to donate items or make a monetary donation? For more information, contact Danielle at 912.729.7141 or visit their website here.

The Shelter is open noon-5:00p.m Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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Debra Pamplin
Since 2008,Debra has enjoyed writing about travel and music for magazines and blogs. In 2013, she and her family moved to Coastal Georgia from SW Missouri. She is glad to have traded in cold winters for the sunny skies of the south. She loves to share news about upcoming events around Camden and Glynn counties, and enjoys the plentiful variety of scheduled activities throughout Southeast Georgia. When she isn't working, she and her daughter can be found enjoying one of the many local beaches, relaxing on St Simons Island, or traveling down one of the many hiking trails in the area. Debra can be reached at


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