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Pastor Mack Knight, ‘Still no response from the City.’

Protesters gathered outside of city hall in Kingsland this past Saturday.  The protest meant to bring awareness to the injustice in Kingsland over the killing of an unarmed black man, Anthony “Punch” Green, by former Kingsland Police Officer Zechariah Presley.

Supporters of the rally drove by waving, honking horns in a show of solidarity.  Protesters chanted “No justice, no peace,” along with “Justice for Punch” while holding signs above their heads.

On June 20, Tony Green, 33, was shot and killed by a Kingsland Police Officer, Zechariah Presley who turned himself in to Camden County Sheriff’s Office on June 27. Presley was charged with voluntary manslaughter and violating his oath of office.

Pastor Mack Knight of Refreshing Oasis Church stated Green was a member of his church, has been trying to assist the family in getting answers.

So far, Knight has yet to receive any comment back from email requests, phone calls, going to the office personally to request an audience.

Knight stated he’s being denied any meetings with city officials, stated “What are you trying to hide? Be transparent.”

In previous public encounters with the Mayor of Kingsland, Kenneth Smith, has told Knight and supporters of Tony Green that he and other city officials have been asked not to speak about the case.

Other cities, states with similar cases release body camera footage within days of the incident; it has been over fifty days since the officer-involved shooting of Tony Green.  According to emails sent to the District Attorney Jackie Johnson from AllOnGeorgia, her office will not be releasing any evidence at this time because the case is still under investigation. The body cam footage and the autopsy report is sealed as evidence per Georgia law [O.C.G.A. §50-18-72 (a)(4) ].

Knight stated, “Kingsland is supposed to be Lovetown USA, the City of Royal Treatment.”

When asked if Knight planned to run for the Mayor’s seat, Knight stated he’d been asked but doesn’t have plans to run this year.  “I love politics,” Knight stated, “maybe the next term after this one.”

Knight stated of other instances of discrimination happening around the community to members of his church. A cab driver used racist slurs at them.  Knight stated he had reached out to the local cab company over the incident and he was told the employee had been terminated.

Knight introduced Ulonda “Nikki” Waye, stated she had been discriminated against at local salon located inside the Walmart shopping center off Highway 40.  Waye said the stylist picked at her son’s hair in disgust, called his hair “nappy.”

After being treated with blatant disrespect, she took her son and left.  Waye returned to get employees information to report to the customer service line when the employee yelled at her “I told you to get the [expletive] out!”

Waye stated she contacted the corporate office to report incident sending in pics of her son’s hair, a video that had been uploaded to the internet from bystander of the incident.

Waye is still waiting for a response back.

Knight is planning to speak at the next city council meeting for the third time Monday, August 13.

Picture credit – Protester outside of Kingsland City Hall holding up sign. (AOG-Camden/Jacob Coldren)

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    What happened to Love Town

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