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Dramatic car chase into Kingsland leads to arrest of wanted man


A Camden County Sheriff’s Deputy performed a routine traffic check on I-95 off Horse Stamp Church Road which lead to a high-speed chase through Camden County on Sunday, March 4th around 2 p.m.

The officer pulled up behind a white Jetta to check on the driver’s welfare, and the driver pulled on to I-95 South. The officer tried to get the attention of the driver to stop, and the driver waved back and started accelerating through traffic along the interstate. The suspect’s car was driving at speeds of more than 125 mph to elude the officer and refused to yield to the officer’s commands.

The suspect, Maikel Sanchez of Miami, FL, continued south on I-95 weaving dangerously in and out of traffic and passing cars in the emergency lanes. Sanchez continued to flee south on I-95 approaching assisting officers at mile-marker six. Sanchez aimed his vehicle at the cruisers and suddenly turned onto the opposite on-ramp traveling west on Colerain road into Kingsland at a high rate of speed.

The suspect drove recklessly into oncoming traffic toward MLK and Highway 17 and raced through the traffic barriers. The suspect traveled into Kingsland turning west on Highway 40 toward Folkston.  The suspect continued improper lane changes while passing multiple vehicles at speeds of 130 mph and causing other cars to veer off the road where the chase continued past Highway 110.

According to the police report, the officer in pursuit moved his vehicle alongside the suspect’s car in which the suspect tried to run the officer off the road. As the chase approached the Charlton County line, the suspect noticed the Charlton County authorities and suddenly turned his vehicle around headed back east on Highway 40. Sanchez’s vehicle collided with the Camden County Deputy’s cruiser and stopped in the median. The suspect began to drive eastward on Highway 40 back toward Highway 110 on the wrong side of the road at speeds of 120 mph with law enforcement in pursuit.

The suspect attempted to turn onto Highway 110, and both the police cruiser and the suspect’s vehicle skidded off the roadway into trees and power lines. The suspect exited his vehicle and ran into the woods where officers from both Camden County and the Kingsland Police Department caught the suspect and resisted arrest.

Miakel Sanchez was taken to the Camden County Jail where it was later discovered he was wanted by U.S. Marshals and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF).

Sanchez was charged speeding, failure to maintain lane, Felony Fleeing and attempt to elude, and aggravated assault with a motor vehicle. Sanchez also received additional charges for failure to obey stop signs, driving on the wrong side of the road, reckless driving, and improper lane change.

Sanchez was turned over to U.S. Marshals and the ATF.

Jeremy Spencer grew up in rural South Georgia and has served as a healthcare provider, high school science teacher, school administrator, and state education official. Jeremy is currently the market and content manager for All on Georgia-Camden and Glynn Counties. Jeremy’s focus is local news, statewide education issues, and statewide political commentary for the All on Georgia News Network. Jeremy has served as an education policy analyst for local legislators and state education leaders as well as a campaign strategist for local and statewide political campaigns. Jeremy holds degrees in science and education from the University of Georgia, Piedmont College, and Valdosta State University. Jeremy has lived in Camden County for over 17 years.

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