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Camden Board of Education

Camden Co. Schools responds about Friday morning arrest of man

The following statement is a release from Camden County Schools regarding an arrest at the Camden County Board of Education building on Friday morning of Mr. Jeffery Travers, who is a substitute teacher with the school system, according to Travers’ live Facebook post of the event. 

This press released was published unedited –

This morning an individual who formerly served as a substitute teacher for Camden County Schools reported to an elementary school to fulfill an assignment made to his spouse, a current substitute teacher with the school system. Because the principal of the school was aware this individual was no longer being used as a substitute with the school system as a result of concerns expressed by parents, the principal contacted the school system’s Human Resources Department to confirm his status as a substitute. After confirming that the individual was no longer being used as a substitute teacher, the principal shared with the individual that his services would not be required. Upon hearing that he would not be used as a substitute teacher, the individual became agitated and expressed his frustration openly in the lobby of the school before leaving.

Shortly after leaving the elementary school, the individual arrived at the Central Administrative Offices for Camden County Schools demanding with a receptionist that he speak with the superintendent. When informed that the superintendent was not in the building and was unavailable to meet, the individual became agitated. The Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Operations, Dr. Jon Miller, was summoned to the lobby to speak with the individual and when Dr. Miller arrived in the lobby he inquired about the nature of the individual’s visit. Dr. Miller offered to meet with the individual in his office at which point the individual refused and continued to pace in the lobby. The aggressive demeanor of the individual continued to escalate as he refused to meet with Dr. Miller and insisted he meet with the superintendent. Dr. Miller offered to convey a message to the superintendent but the individual insisted that he would not leave until he met with the superintendent. At that point, Dr. Miller asked the individual to leave the lobby, cleared the lobby of personnel and asked an employee to follow the protocol in place to contact the 911 Center. The individual was left in the lobby, which is secure and prevents access to other parts of the building.

Within 3-5 minutes, an officer from the Kingsland Police Department arrived and met with Dr. Miller to gather information regarding the situation. The officer returned to the lobby to further instruct the individual to leave the building and the individual became increasingly defiant while the officer attempted to reason with him. A second officer arrived on the scene and both officers attempted to get the individual to comply with the directive to leave the lobby. The individual failed to comply with their requests and was ultimately physically removed from the lobby and arrested. After a short meeting with the Central Office staff to debrief and to attempt to allay fears about the incident, the daily work of the central office resumed.

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