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Woodbine man sentenced for child molestation

Woodbine sentenced to 20 years after molesting girl at IGA store.

A Woodbine man has been sentenced for the crime of child molestation of a young girl.

In January, James Stanley White, 58,  groped a young girl coming out of the Woodbine IGA grocery store.

The girl was sent to the store to purchase some items for her mother when White forced his hands down the front of the girl’s pants. The child recognized White as a friend of her father’s. White was arrested and booked in the Camden County jail after the mother made a report and an investigation from law enforcement.

White was sentenced to 20 years for the charge of molestation and will serve 4 years in confinement.

White is required to do the following from the court:

  • Must register as a registered sex offender
  • Cannot have contact with certain people listed in court sentencing document
  • Abide by a set curfew
  • Relinquish his 2nd Amendment right under the U.S. Constitution or possess any other weapons
  • Pay monthly probation fees to the court
  • Be banished from the City of Woodbine

The sentencing document signed by Judge Stephen Scarlett.

Screen grab of sentencing document

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