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Jeanne Seaver has over 32 years’ experience as a legal administrator and comptroller, a former employee of Attorney F. Lee Bailey, and in her 18th year as an Associate with a private equity company in the aerospace industry. Seaver lives in Savannah, GA. The column is the opinion of the author and not those of AllOnGeorgia. 

In an article written by Mary Landers in the Savannah Morning News on March 16th regarding the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Spaceport Camden, Athens resident, Kevin Lang, stated that the Federal Aviation Administration was “getting cute” by considering residents and vacation homeowners “authorized persons” inside the closure areas during future launches at the site. Working in the aviation industry, I can attest that the FAA never gets “cute” with safety.

In fact, the FAA has licensed nearly 300 commercial space flights without a single injury to the uninvolved public.  The FAA’s safety criteria for Spaceport Camden is so rigorous, that if even one casualty is expected in more than 500 years of launches at the site, the FAA will not issue Camden County a license.  So, it is abundantly clear the FAA is not getting “cute” with safety as the quote implies.

What I believe is more likely the case, is that spaceport opponents are frustrated that their attacks against the project have largely been proven false.  Vacation homeowners on Little Cumberland Island have been lobbying the Georgia General Assembly for several years that Spaceport Camden should be rejected because anything less than unfettered access to their cottages would result in an unconstitutional taking under Georgia law.  Now that the FAA has rendered that argument moot, so they are attacking the FAA’s credibility instead.

Spaceport Camden offers incredible economic opportunities to coastal Georgia and vacation homeowners will continue to have access to their property.  That’s a win-win.  There’s no doubt opponents from Atlanta, Athens and other parts of the country will continue to try to derail this project.  But those of us who live and work in coastal Georgia do not think it is “cute” that a few part-time visitors want to dictate our full-time economic future.

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  1. Hi Jeanne,
    Aren’t you the failed county commision candidate who was against public/private partnerships in Chatham County before you are for them in Camden County? Please explain your conversion.

    Until you start paying taxes in the County where we’re straddled with the spaceport bills, your opinion is worth about as much as you are contributing. Little Cumberland Island owners together paid substantially more in property taxes than Union Carbide did before Camden Commissioner’s started picking up the tab. LCI owners are now paying their share of Camden’s largess plus their own taxes. Did you even spend the night here when you dropped in for your spaceport promo speech? Hopefully, you bought some gas of a cup of coffee. We’ll get a few pennies’ benefit from that.

  2. Jeannie,
    I do not know who pinned the above note to you but I truly agree with them. I own a home on Little Cumberland Island and the spaceport would fire rockets directly over my home and impact me. The current proposal says we would have to vacate the island every time they fired a rocket. it is illegal to limit access to private property.

    So many of the spaceports you are reporting about are subsidized by their local state gov’t.

    Please get your facts straight before you make statements to the general public. Since this is your opinion only and not supported by your company I have no comments for them. For you, I would be cautious before I called my fellow Georgians “cute”. Your lack of education does not support this type of comments. Or maybe it does.


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