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Wellton Station agents assigned to the Interstate 8 Immigration Checkpoint thwarted two methamphetamine smuggling attempts valued at $183,750 Friday evening.

In the first event, a Border Patrol canine assigned to the primary inspection lane of the checkpoint positively alerted to an odor from a silver 2013 Toyota Camry. Agents sent the vehicle to the secondary inspection area and discovered multiple packages of methamphetamine hidden in the quarter panels and under the floor. The narcotics weighed approximately 40.6 pounds with a street value of $121,800.

The female driver, a 19-year-old United States citizen from Yuma, was arrested for the transportation of a controlled substance.

In the second event approximately three hours later, another Border Patrol canine working at the primary lane of the checkpoint alerted to an odor it was trained to detect originating from a gray 2015 Nissan Altima. Upon further investigation in the secondary inspection area, agents discovered multiple packages of methamphetamine hidden in the gas tank. The narcotics weighed approximately 20.65 pounds with a street value of $61,950.

The male driver, a 30-year-old United States citizen from Peoria, was arrested for the transportation of a controlled substance.

Border Patrol seizes over 2,000 pounds of marijuana in the Rio Grande Valley in the last three days

U.S. Border Patrol agents continue to disrupt narcotic smuggling attempts throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

On Saturday, agents working near Fronton, Texas, observed several subjects illegally crossing the Rio Grande with bundles of narcotics. As the agents responded to the area, they observed a green SUV believed to be involved with the smuggling attempt. When agents encountered the smugglers, the illegal border crossers abandoned the marijuana and fled to Mexico. An immediate search of the area resulted in the discovery of 17 bundles of marijuana weighing over 1,100 pounds, worth an estimated $920K. Additionally, agents located the green SUV abandoned in the middle of the river.

In the past three days, agents in the Rio Grande Valley seized over 2,000 pounds of marijuana worth over $1.7M.

Nearly 300 Arrested by Border Patrol Agents in New Mexico Boot Heel

U.S. Border Patrol agents arrest a group of 290 illegal aliens near the Forward Operating Base located at the Antelope Wells Port of Entry.


Border Patrol Agents working at the Camp Bounds FOB early this morning observed a large group illegally crossing the border and making their way into the United States.  The group consisted of subjects from Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras.  On Thursday, Border Patrol agents had observed a group of subjects dressed in camouflage hiding on the Mexican side of the border near the site of the illegal entry.  They appeared to be scouting the area for possible vulnerabilities, thus allowing the agents to be prepared for illegal activity during the overnight periods.

Large group in NM.
Large group in NM.


During initial interviews and screenings, Border Patrol agents noticed a juvenile Guatemalan male with signs of an illness.  The juvenile and his father were subsequently transported, via ambulance, to a local hospital for treatment.  Temperatures in the boot heel area this morning were below freezing and the smugglers associated with this event showed no sense of safety and or value to human life when they guided this group into the United States illegally.

During the current fiscal year, over 27 groups consisting of more than 100 people have been apprehended in this area.  In many instances, criminal organizations are saturating areas with large groups with the belief that they can smuggle narcotics or other contraband into the United States while Border Patrol agents are occupied. The U.S. Border Patrol will continue to enforce the rule of law, while ensuring that our communities are safe.

All information is direct from Customs & Border Protection 

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