Picture credit - Quartz Chelse Manning, fomerly known as Bradley Manning

Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Edward Manning and former Army intelligence analyst convicted of espionage in 2013, will give a speech next week at UCLA on “ethics in public service.”

Bradley Edward Manning – AKA Chelse Manning

The University of California (UCLA) has invited the former intelligence analyst to speak about ethics in public service and activism in protesting. Manning, who publicly transitioned from male to female while in prison for espionage, will also speak on “transgender issues” and activism.

UCLA has titled the session “A Conversation with Chelsea Manning” and wants to give their students an opportunity hear Manning discuss to also hear about resisting the age of artificial intelligence. Manning’s 35-year punishment was cut short when President Obama commuted Manning’s sentence.

Manning has been denied at speaking on colleges campuses until recently when she announced that she was running for U.S. Senate for Maryland. However, some news outlets have questioned her eligibility to run for office due to her criminal record of espionage.  The former convicted criminal released her first campaign advertisement in January and looks to continue her run for U.S. Senate despite the critics.

The speaking event is to start on Monday, March 5th at UCLA.


Writer – Jeremy Spencer

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