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Which Georgia State Representatives Skipped the Most Votes During the 2019 Legislative Session?

Our lawmakers are sent to Atlanta to represent their constituents and vote on behalf of their district. So why did one state representative skip 25% of the votes this session?

Which GA Representatives Voted NO the Most During the 2019 Legislative Session?

Do lawmakers under the Gold Dome agree on everything?

Abrams Group Releases Ad on GA Abortion Bill, Maternal Mortality

The group backed by former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has released a new ad opposing the heartbeat bill passed by the Georgia legislature just a few weeks ago.

US Pledges Additional $61 Million for Those Fleeing Venezuela

Vice President Pence announced Wednesday that the United States is providing an additional $61 million in humanitarian assistance to support the regional response for the 3.4 million Venezuelans who have fled the man-made crisis in their country.

Ga Congressman Sponsors Bill to Help Honduras

Congressman Hank Johnson of Georgia's 4th Congressional district has filed a bill with 45 cosponsors to suspend military aid to Honduras until the Honduran government investigates credible allegations of gross human rights violations by their security forces.

Residency of Ga Congresswoman Further Questioned After GOP Trick

Whether or not Georgia Congresswoman Lucy McBath actually calls Georgia home has long been up for debate, but a trick used by a GOP group over the weekend has even more people believing the 6th district representative may still live in Tennessee.

Senator Isakson Comments Responds to Suicide Deaths of 2 Veterans in Georgia

“I was saddened to learn of the suicide deaths of two veterans at two VA medical centers in our state..."

[Full Text] Ga Republicans Seek to Regulate the Media

Six Georgia Republicans want to regulate the work of journalists and other media entities by creating an ethics board and instituting requirements for how interviews are conducted.

Democrats Release List of ‘Target Legislators’ Following Heartbeat Bill in Georgia

Georgia Democrats have announced a list of lawmakers they plan to challenge next year after the passage of House Bill 481, best known as "the heartbeat bill."

Georgia Lawmakers File Bill to Abolish Death Penalty in Georgia

The bill would also impact any existing sentence to death and would commute it to ‘life without parole.’