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Georgia Column Lifestyle

Get Started: Can’t pay the IRS? You do have options

CAN’T PAY THE GOVERNMENT? With a little more than five weeks until this year’s tax filing deadline of April 17, many small business owners are...

COLUMN: My Porcelain Childhood

The day I learned that our middle finger can be used for something other than assisting the other fingers in grabbing a can of...

FAITH: Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

"The hope that we have is that the Bible tells is in Matthew 25:41 that one day, all evil will be done away with. Until that day we can rely on God’s grace. He doesn’t always prevent tragedy, but his grace will always see us through it. "

How to get your child ready for the swim check at camp

It can be stressful. Kids who aren’t strong swimmers sometimes feel nervous and might not swim their best.