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Faith Column: How To Start a Quiet Time

What is a quiet time? A pastor friend of mine shared an amusing anecdote. When he first became a Christian, a mentor of his...

FAITH COLUMN: What Happened to the United Methodists?

On February 12, 2019 the United Methodist Church (UMC) released the findings of a theological research report conducted across the denomination. “The goal was to shed...

Faith Column: Letters From Dad

Faith Column: Letters From Dad

Faith Column: Do you consume food porn?

One October at Oklahoma State University, proud I made it to class early, I walked smiling up to the professor and some students and asked what they were discussing. Food porn. Immediately, I knew I had walked into the wrong conversation

Column: Snow in the Southland

Snow in the Southland

COLUMN: Lyerly Reunion Draws Crowd

Lyerly Reunion Draws Crowd

Hurts so good…

It is not often that Alabama Coach Nick Saban gets choked up when talking to reporters. Usually he is rude with shifty eyes while...

Faith Column: How to Start a Family Devotion in December

How to Start a Family Devotion in December

Faith Column: Why I Vote

There are two things you should never talk about at Thanksgiving: religion and politics.

Faith Column: Happy Hallowed Reformation Day

The 95 thesis are not particularly revolutionary in themselves. Initially very few people paid any attention to what Luther wrote. It is highly unlikely Luther even considered hammering his work as a spectacular event. Yet, history bears witness to tumultuous consequences and blessings of his action.